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Australian Fencing Federation

Quick thinking and agility are skills synonymous with the sport of fencing. These skills are also needed for an innovative approach to insurance and risk management, in an ever-changing sporting landscape.

Our partnership with the Australian Fencing Federation has allowed Gallagher to offer members access to a range of insurance products and services. Specifically tailored to the unique risks associated with fencing, these insurance options cover all levels of the fencing community from individual players to directors, officers, volunteers and affiliated clubs.

What we cover

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What we cover

Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity

This protects the Australian Fencing Federation including all affiliated bodies and insured individuals (such as sanctioned coaches and officials) against costs that may arise due to an accusation of negligent acts, errors or omissions.

Personal Accident Insurance

This covers fencers and other Australian Fencing Federation members for accidental injuries that occur while they’re participating in events or activities sanctioned by the Australian Fencing Federation.

Association Liability Program

This covers the Australian Fencing Federation and its affiliated state, league and club bodies. It also extends to cover nominated representatives of these organisations.

Property Insurance Program

Gallagher has collaborated with the Australian Fencing Federation to create additional optional comprehensive insurance as an option offered to fencing centres and club offices.

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Need to make a personal accident claim?

If you’ve had an accident while participating in your sport and need to make claim, download a claims form, complete it and send it to us.

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Need to make a make a public liability claim?

It is essential that you notify Gallagher of any potential claim. Contact us and we’ll provide you with advice as how to proceed.

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Our team can provide you with a Certificate of Currency to confirm the details and currency of the insurance policy.

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