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Football Federation Australia

Gallagher has worked in close partnership with Football Federation Australia (FFA) to protect its members since 2012. We’re proud to have designed an insurance and risk management program that has helped create safer sporting environments across the Aussie football landscape.

As well as being football specialists, the team at Gallagher has an impressive track record of representing some of Australia’s largest sporting bodies and organisations. This experience really comes to the fore when developing multi-layered and effective national insurance programs that span various levels of the game.

What we cover

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What we cover

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance covers football players and other insured individuals for accidental injuries that occur during FFA sanctioned events and activities.

Career Ending Insurance

Career Ending Insurance covers Hyundai A-League contracted players for accidental injuries and is designed to protect their current and future earning potential.

Professional Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance can provide protection for FFA and its insured representatives following  a breach of professional duty.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Hyundai A-League Corporate Travel Insurance protects players and insured individuals during FFA-sanctioned trips.

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Need to make a personal accident claim?

If you’ve had an accident while participating in your sport and need to make claim, download a claims form, complete it and send it to us.

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Need to make a make a public liability claim?

It is essential that you notify Gallagher of any potential claim. Contact us and we’ll provide you with advice as how to proceed.

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Need to obtain a Certificate of Currency?

Our team can provide you with a Certificate of Currency to confirm the details and currency of the insurance policy.

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