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Harness Racing NSW

Harness racing is an iconic part of the Australian sporting landscape. The sports team at Gallagher are proud to help protect members of the harness racing community through our partnership with Harness Racing NSW.

Gallagher has been working with Harness Racing NSW (HRNSW) since 2010 to mitigate risk and provide a comprehensive insurance program for its members. This insurance program benefits members across the harness racing community from landowners, owners, trainers, drivers and track managers.

What we cover

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What we cover

Sports Injury Cover

Sports injury cover is designed to cover insured persons (such as licensed trainers, drivers, stable hands, officials and management) who are injured during a sanctioned harness racing activity.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance can provide protection for HRNSW and its licenced members whilst participating in HRNSW sanctioned-events (including training), against legal and associated costs following an accusation of negligence.

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Need to make a personal accident claim?

If you’ve had an accident while participating in your sport and need to make claim, download a claims form, complete it and send it to us.

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Need to make a make a public liability claim?

It is essential that you notify Gallagher of any potential claim. Contact us and we’ll provide you with advice as how to proceed.

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Need to obtain a Certificate of Currency?

Our team can provide you with a Certificate of Currency to confirm the details and currency of the insurance policy.

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Case Studies


  • "Harness Racing NSW is delighted to have the expertise and experience of Steve van Leewen and the
    Gallagher specialist sports team to help us manage the many unique risks associated with harness
    racing.  We encourage our members to make the most of the insurance program available through

    Peter Carney, Manager - Commercial, Harness Racing NSW.
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