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We understand that sports insurance can sometimes be confusing and raise a lot of questions. To help, we’ve answered some of your most commonly asked questions about the NSW Rugby League Insurance Program here.

Why am I not covered for the 'Medicare Gap'?

By law, this policy can’t cover medical expenses that are covered or partly-covered by Medicare. This includes the difference between the medical expense and the Medicare rebate – commonly known as the ‘Medicare Gap’. For more information about costs typically covered by Medicare and how this effects Personal Accident Insurance, visit the Make A Claim page. 

Why does my sports insurance policy differ so much from my friend's coverage? We seem to be covered for different things and different amounts.

Sports policies do vary in terms of terms, conditions and inclusions. One insurer’s policy will not necessarily cover the same things as another insurer. So an expense covered by one policy may not be covered by another policy. In addition, levels of policy benefits provided are flexible. Sporting organisations and individuals usually have the opportunity to select the amount of cover required, which in turn means adjustments in premiums.

Now that I've retired from playing, I'm thinking of finally getting that knee I injured five years ago operated on. Will that be covered?

Generally, no. Policies have a maximum 12 month period following an injury in which treatment needs to be undertaken in order for medical expenses to be covered. This means for expenses to be covered. This means one year from the date the injury occurred.

Does my club or association require any other liability insurance?

Generally, no. If your club or association is only involved in NSW Rugby League sanctioned activities you will not require any other liability insurance. Should your club or association operate a full time licenced club you may require additional liability insurance. If you are uncertain about your own situation, contact us and we will provide individual advice to you.

Our club hires out our facilities to other bodies. Are we insured for this?

If your club or association hires out its club facilities to other bodies, there is a need for you to ensure that all parties using your fields or facilities have their own Public Liability Insurance. This can be confirmed by the other body supplying a Certificate of Currency as proof of its validity. The insurance program will protect you as the property owner but not for other activities at your facilities that are not organised by your club or association.

As a sport administrator, do I need to inform our members about what their insurance coverage is?

While more of a legal question than an insurance question, good risk management practices would certainly ensure that every member be advised about the benefits of your Sports Injury Insurance program. There have been cases where litigation has taken place claiming a breach of duty of care in not properly advising members. Some sporting organisations include appropriate wording in their registration forms to address this exposure.

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