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We understand that sports insurance can sometimes be confusing and raise a lot of questions. To help, we’ve answered some of your most commonly asked questions about the Over 35’s Rugby Sport Injury Insurance Program here.

What is the scope of cover?

Cover is limited to injuries that occur while an insured person is playing in a sanctioned Over 35’s Rugby game under strict Over 35’s Rugby rules and laws. Players are also covered for sanctioned training and festivals. All players must be over 35 years of age. Coverage excludes mixed gender participation. Other insured persons who are engaged in sanctioned voluntary work or committee meetings are also covered.

What qualifies as an 'injury' in relation to the insurance policy?

For the purposes of the Personal Accident Insurance policy, the term injury applies to bodily injuries. This means bodily injuries which:

  • are sustained by an insured person while they are covered as an insured person under the policy 
  • result from an accident and are caused by sudden, external and visible means
  • occur solely, directly and independently of any other cause, including any illness, sickness, disease, pre-existing conditions
  • occurs while engaged in activities sanctioned by your peak body.
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