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We understand that insurance can sometimes be confusing and raise a lot of questions. To help, we’ve answered some of your most commonly asked questions about the AOCRA insurance program here. If cover is required urgently, you can contact Gallagher Sport on 1800 931 129 or sport@ajg.com.au.

When is my craft covered?

If you have your craft insured with Gallagher, this cover is 24/7, meaning that your craft is covered continually, every day, nonstop. The Gallagher Marine Hull policy also provides Protection & Indemnity (P&I), which protects the craft user for liability whilst out on the water e.g. you collide with another craft or person causing injury or damage.

What do I do if I am involved in an accident and my canoe is damaged?

Contact Gallagher on 1800 931 129 or email sport@ajg.com.au for a claim form. We also recommend taking photos of the damage for future proof of loss.

Can trailers be covered?

There’s a few ways you can insure trailers (for both Third Party Liability and physical damage/theft of a trailer).

  1. On your existing Policy under the Marine Hull Program for damage/theft 24/7 and if NOT registered.
  2. On your existing Policy under the Marine Hull Program for damage/theft 24/7 and if it is registered, we can place a separate third party liability only section under a commercial motor Policy.
  3. Place a separate full comprehensive commercial motor policy for both damage/theft 24/7 inclusive of third party liability if the trailer is registered and driven on public roads.
Can I have a different expiry date to 01/03 for my canoe?

No as this falls under the Gallagher Marine Hull Program which expires 1st March each year, your premium will be pro-rated accordingly if added on for less than a year, then offered 12 month policy thereafter.

How do I obtain a quote to insure my canoe?

You can complete the application via the Gallagher Marine Hull website (insert link once form is up). Once the completed form is received, Gallagher will confirm via email that cover is in place and the invoice will be sent via email in the coming days

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