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Our specialist brokers and risk mitigation experts here at Gallagher have partnered with QLD Rugby League to tailor an Insurance Program encompassing Public and Professional Liability, Personal Accident Insurance, Club Management Liability and Property Insurance.


Public and Professional Liability Insurance

This liability insurance has been tailored to cover QLD Rugby League, its clubs and members for all facets of rugby league including participation, promotion and organisation. As long as QLD Rugby League affiliated clubs are only involved in activities sanctioned by QLD Rugby League, they generally won’t require additional Public Liability cover.

However, if your club operates a full time licensed clubhouse, you will likely require additional insurance coverage for this business. Please speak to our Gallagher team if you have any questions about your club’s insurance needs.

Personal Accident Insurance

Where implemented, this Personal Accident Insurance Program provides specified benefits to players who are injured while participating in rugby league. This excludes any medical costs that are covered (or partly-covered) by Medicare. More information on Medicare coverage can be found on the Make A Claim page.  

Gallagher has achieved great value premiums analysing playing risks, premium pooling and working collaboratively with QLD Rugby League. This Personal Accident Insurance is a Group Personal Accident Policy, therefore has a standard set of benefits, which you can upgrade by contacting Gallagher via the contact page.

We also strongly recommend players to take out their own personal insurance. Our rugby league specialist brokers can discuss your individual circumstances and the best insurance options for protecting yourself and your future earning potential.

Club Management Liability

This policy covers participating QLD Rugby League affiliated clubs and local leagues. The cover extends to all past, present and future nominated representatives of these clubs. This includes officers, directors, committee members and employees who are acting on behalf of the nominated club in either a paid or voluntary capacity.


Property Insurance Program

Gallagher has collaborated with QLD Rugby League to create an additional comprehensive insurance option for QLD Rugby League clubs and associations. Members are invited to join this policy, which provides comprehensive coverage for equipment, offices and property. Specifically tailored to suit the needs of rugby league clubs, this policy also includes additional benefits and increased cover limits. 

Need to obtain a Certificate of Currency?

Our team can provide you with a Certificate of Currency to confirm the details and currency of the insurance policy.

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Need to make a personal accident claim?

If you’ve had an accident while participating in your sport and need to make claim, download a claims form, complete it and send it to us.

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